The Instant Segments Activity

I created this projective tool initially for a project because I needed to understand the segments in the market for high-end kitchen appliances. We weren't actually talking to those people, however, we were talking to their interior designers! This activity worked really well, is fast and fun.

More importantly, it can be re-purposed to many different situations. It can help people describe the different segments in many different kinds of situations.

This activity is very similar to a personification activity, and can be used to tell you about the users of a specific type of product or a specific brand. Consumers can tell you about who uses one type of snack food versus another, one type of cleaner versus another. Vacationers could tell you about the different types of people you would meet on a cruise ship.

Conversely, this activity can be used to get expert observers to tell you about the structure of the market as they experience it. Doctors could tell you about the different types of people in their practice. Realtors can tell you about different types of home buyers.

What you get with this activity:

  • A complete set of instructions including how to customize the handout for your project
  • A mini-case study of the kitchen appliance project so you can see how this was used successfully
  • A PowerPoint slide that you can modify, provided in both color and black and white
  • A 7 minute learning video that takes you through the tips for successful use

In the video:

0:45  Mini case study discussion - how this tool worked in a real project
1:58  How the template works, including using as a warm-up (homework) activity
4:00 Customizing the language on the template for your own use
4:40  Best ways to use the activity
4:55  How to process the activity in the group discussion
5:40  Using this activity as a springboard to deeper discussion in the group

6:30  How you might use this activity in an online setting

I've never seen anything quite like this activity anywhere else. But it has worked very well for me, and I bet it will work very well for you too.

- Susan

$10.00 CAD

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