Name-Storming Facilitation Activity

A brainstorming method for generating new product or service names and taglines FAST.

When I was asked to run a naming workshop, I did a lot of research into different naming strategies, and how different companies and products got their names. I also researched different facilitation approaches people have used.

In the end, I took a few things from here and there and modified them for my own purposes. I tried a few versions of the worksheet, but this is the one I ended up liking the best. It worked incredibly well! The session was a big hit with the client. We got a ton of name ideas to take into further research. And the method worked really well.

What you get with this kit:

  • A set of instructions about setup and context, with specific detail on the Namestorming activity and how to fit it in to a half day facilitated session
  • A Thought Starter handout to help your team understand different approaches to coming up with names. It is filled with real world examples
  • A Name-storming worksheet to print and use. You can add your own logo to customize it
  • A 14 minute learning video that walks you through the activities you should do BEFORE the Namestorming activity, exactly how to run the Namestorming activity, and how to process the output.

What's in the video:

0:30  How this activity can help your clients and when it makes sense

1:20  What you can do in a half-day naming session, before and after the Namestorming activity

2:15  What the project sponsor should say when introducing the session

4:00  How to use the included Thought Starter with nine common naming strategies

6:00  How to fill the room with creative words and phrases related to the product or service. And a walk-through of a specific exercise you can include to get there.

8:30  Setting the stage for Namestorming and what to remind people of before they start

11:30  Processing the output. One decision you will need to make based on team energy. And one thing to do to wrap up the session

12:20  What you will have by the end of the workshop

13:30  An extra insurance idea, if your project has a little bit of spare budget

This is a really effective tool, and you can use it as a short activity of 15 to 20 minutes, or use the guidelines provided to run a half-day workshop.

$19.99 CAD

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