Concept Reaction Cards (Like / Don't Like)

When you are testing or optimizing concepts or new ideas, you need a way to get an initial reaction without triggering an immediate group effect. This user-friendly template does the job in an easy and fun way.

I created it for a project with students to give them something fun to use, as well as get around the group-think I was expecting. It worked beautifully, is easy to use, and will work well in a focus group or in a workshop setting.

With the download you get:

  • One easy page of instructions
  • A ready-to-print page that you can print and give to your participants to use in a group discussion or workshop setting
  • A PowerPoint template that you can modify. For example, you might want to use a language that is not English -- this template will let you change up the words on the cards
  • A 6 minute video explaining how to use the cards

Here's what's in the video

0:13  Mini case study

1:05  Set up and how to use in a group, instructions to give

3:00  How to debrief the exercise. Probing questions to clarify

4:15  The purpose of anchoring. Anchoring is not voting. How to explain to client observers.

This is a really great tool, really easy to use, and the handout is pretty too. Their official name is Concept Reaction Cards, but I find myself always calling them Like/Don't Like cards, and that's what I put in the video. 

$1.99 CAD $4.99 CAD

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