About Us

the Idea Studio: Creative Tools Marketplace is a place for professional qualitative researchers, facilitators and consultants to share the creative tools they have invented and use in their professional work.

Susan Abbott is the curator of the site. She has been a researcher and innovation consultant for 15 years. For nearly every project, she found herself seeking different kinds of activities to use in a wide variety of projects. Despite all the books and all the conferences and training, she found she was always needing to make up a chart or a handout and figure out crucial details, and often doing all this at the last minute when time was precious. She wished there was a market for idea tools the same way there is for stock art.

The store just launched in 2015, so the library of creative tools is still small, but we plan to grow it quickly. The key is to ensure that everything here is of top quality. That's one of the reasons we have a great guarantee -- we want you to be happy and to be a frequent visitor. So, if you are not happy, you get your money back. (Within 30 days and with a receipt.)

The tools here are designed for professionals, but you don't have to be some kind of guru to use them. In fact, we've tried to ensure everything on this site is easy to use whether you're experienced or just starting out.

We're based in Toronto, Canada, and are incorporated as ARC Strategy Ltd., the name you will see on your bill when you purchase anything here.