The Instant Persona Activity

Some people call them personas, some call them avatars, some call them the bull's-eye target customer.

Whatever term you use, this is a very fast way to elicit a description of the target audience you are brainstorming for.

I created this approach to use in a workshop that would not take a lot of time. But it would still achieve the goal of getting a description of the ideal consumer on a flip-chart. By quick, I mean it takes about 15 minutes to run, although you could do it a little faster or a little longer, maybe 20 minutes. You can squeeze this into a session plan without blowing up your time budget.

Having this in the room can really help to anchor the team doing the brainstorming for ideas. If you don't do an activity like this, people will tend to come up with ideas that they themselves find appealing, not necessarily ideas that make sense for the target consumer.

Even more important, if you really evoke a person, you get some sense of their hopes and fears, their previous category experience, their level of knowledge, or other important aspects of their motivations that can help tremendously when coming up with new ideas.

What you get:

  • Written instructions, including how to set up your flip-charts and questions to prompt the group
  • A template for a handout if you want one
  • A 9 minute learning video detailing exactly how to use the activity, how to facilitate it, and how to process it

What's in the video

0:24  How this activity compares to a popular persona activity you may have used

1:20  How this activity will help your project team with ideation

2:20  How to facilitate the activity and questions to ask. Choosing which kind of questions to use related to your project to bring the segment/persona to life

4:15  Setting up your flip-chart, especially when you are pressed for time

5:45  What to do if you have multiple breakout groups to moderate

7:50  Why you shouldn't get too fancy

8:15  How to leverage the activity in your facilitation

Once you learn this activity, you will be able to do it quite quickly, on demand if you need to. A fast, fun activity to improve ideation.

$10.00 CAD

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