How to hold your own planning offsite

Are you achieving your goals and staying on track? If you want to reboot your goal setting, a great way is to plan your own planning offsite. These are fun and productive, and you can conduct one practically anywhere - your home, a meeting room, the library, a coffee-shop.

There's a tip-sheet download that goes with this too. Get the PDF

You'll find this a very positive and energizing way to get refocused. And once you start doing them regularly, you'll find you achieve more than you think.


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 PS - a couple of the links in the download are affiliate links. That means I *might* get a very small amount of money if you click through and make a purchase. Or you can just google the item. I would never recommend something I don't actually love to use. And someone needs to keep the hamsters in kibble here. 

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  • CB Whittemore says...


    Thanks so much for sharing this. It’s perfect, timely and intensely stimulating!


    PS: Love the ARC system of notebooks, too.

    January 08, 2016

  • Susan says...

    Hi Lynne – thanks so much!
    I think having people do together is a good idea — you would need to have a bit more of an agenda, but agree, you might get some co-stimulating from sharing.
    Thanks for adding the comment!

    June 30, 2015

  • Lynne Meisner says...

    Hey Susan:
    Great job! Like you, I have set goals for years, but I’m loving the idea of doing my own personal session!
    Question – Have you ever considered doing this with another person? Or do you think it absolutely is best done alone?
    I realize 2 people would have different goals, but I’m wondering if there might be merit in co-stimulating – or not …

    June 24, 2015

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